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Cyber Attacks. Prevention and Mitigation

There are several best practices and actions individuals and companies can take to minimize their exposure to a cyber breach. Let’s talk about prevention.     

Prevention. The first step to preventing data breaches is understanding where threats lie. CyberHoot educates and trains users to employ better cyber safety practices with easy, automated training modules. CyberHoot is known for being one of the simplest and most automated solutions on the market.

  • Cyber safety best practices include:
  • Never click on malicious links       
  • Don’t open unexpected or untrusted attachments
  • Avoid revealing personal or sensitive data
  • Verify software legitimacy before downloading it
  • Never plug an unknown USB into your computer
  • Use a VPN when connecting via untrusted or public Wi-Fi
  • Keep operating systems up-to-date
  • Apply security patches, especially those labeled as critical

Mitigation. Even if you are employing cyber safety practices, the odds are not in your favor. Personal cybercrime is on the rise. According to the National Council on Identity Theft Protection, there is an identity theft every 22 seconds.

If your personal information is exposed in a data breach, it’s important to act quickly. That’s why we are excited to share a new resource, Concierge Cyber® provided by Cyber Special Ops.

Modeled after roadside assistance, Concierge Cyber is a subscription membership program perfect for high net-worth individuals worried about their personal finances being compromised. Concierge Cyber is not an insurance policy; it will not pay a claim, but it guarantees members around-the-clock emergency response to a data breach with a dedicated team who will provide highly personalized care and cyber support in the event of a cyberattack.

To schedule a demo with CyberHoot or Concierge Cyber, please contact an Avery Agent today!




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