Vacation or Secondary Home Insurance

Insurance Solutions for Your Vacation Home(s)

Your vacation home is your getaway, a wonderful place to relax and unwind. But it does come with unique risks. At Avery Insurance, we are licensed to provide primary and secondary home coverage throughout the country and overseas. Having one agent handling all your personal insurance needs can help ensure that you have the proper coverage without overpaying. We have the expertise and appointments with national carriers that enable us to put together customized, competitive insurance programs for all your personally held properties.

Frequently Asked Questions Many Secondary Homeowners Have

Is there different insurance coverage needed to protect primary vs. secondary homes?

While the homeowner coverage forms used are generally similar, the limitations and exclusions in a policy may differ. It is important to review the intended use, value, and location to secure the correct coverage.

How do insurance requirements differ from state to state?

Each state has unique coverage characteristics. Some states have remote areas of unprotected property and some areas have higher earthquake exposures or wind, wild fire, and flood risks. Some states have specific coverage limitations or requirements. It is critical to make sure the coverage you select is providing what you need for the risk associated.

What about my excess liability insurance? 

It is a good idea to extend your excess liability to a secondary home as it can present higher liability risks to be protected.

Does it protect all my properties?

Generally, yes. However, you need to name your other homes or entities to be covered.

What if I want to rent out my vacation home?

The typical primary homeowner policy has limitations on rentals. You should clarify how much the home will be rented for and obtain the proper coverage for the intended use.

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