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Customized Insurance Solutions for Your High-Value Home

Your custom high-value home was built with a certain quality and expertise. Not all homeowner insurance policies will cover you to repair or replace your home with the same quality of standards. Coverages differ vastly among insurers; from the way a company values your home and possessions to the speed and thoroughness in which they settle claims.

Avery Insurance is an independent agent specializing in complete asset protection for successful individuals and families. Our high-net-worth experts are here to help you find the company and coverage that suits your lifestyle.

We Represent the Top High-Value Home Insurance Companies


(Cornerstone Agent – Avery is one of the top 7% of Chubb Agents in the country)


Berkley One



(President’s Club Level – an elite group of top Hanover representatives)

NatGen Premier

Access to Specialized / Unique Markets


These specialty carriers offer innovative policy offerings that may not be found in all standard homeowner policies. Your policy may include:

  • Guaranteed or Extended Replacement Cost
  • Expert Claim Service
  • Replace, Rebuild or Receive a Cash Settlement
  • Risk Consulting
  • Broad Coverage for Sewer and Drain Backups
  • Additional Living Expenses
  • Waiver of Deductible 
  • Loss Prevention Benefit
  • Proactive Risk Management and Discounts that Reward Responsibility 
  • Collections Coverage; Protection for Your Jewelry, Fine Art and Other Special Items

At Avery Insurance, we are licensed to write high-value home coverage throughout the country and overseas. Having one agent handling all your personal insurance needs can help ensure that you have the proper coverage without overpaying. We have the expertise and appointments with national and international carriers that enable us to put together customized, competitive insurance programs for all your high-value properties.

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