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Avery Partners with Concierge Cyber®

It’s Friday at 4pm and you’ve been notified your organization is victim of a cyber-attack. Would you know what to do? Where to start? Who to call? 

Cyber insurance is an essential element for any business with cyber or data security exposures. Equally as important is having aide in the moment of a crisis.

That’s why we are excited to share a new resource, Concierge Cyber® provided by Cyber Special Ops.

Modeled after roadside assistance, Concierge Cyber is a subscription membership program that guarantees members emergency response to a cyberattack or data breach to ensure your organization is covered 24/7 with a dedicated team of credentialed, nationally recognized, third-party firms which includes legal, information security, credit and identity restoration, and public relations specialists from firms located around the globe.

Concierge Cyber clients are guaranteed quick and easy access to highly personalized care and cyber support at precisely the right time.

What Concierge Cyber Does:

  • Gives you a number that you can call 24/7 in the event of a cyber-attack.
  • Gets you in touch with a Cyber Response Team that is working off pre-negotiated rates that are 35%-50 % off standard rates.
  • If insured, they will work with your insurance company to go through proper protocols.
  • 2-Hour consultation with a Virtual Chief Security Officer
  • Provides you with a Ransomware Hostage Manual
  • Provides you with Information Security Templates

What Concierge Cyber Does Not Do:

  • This is not a replacement for cyber insurance, so it will not pay for a claim.
  • This is also not a replacement for your IT Services firm. They will work in conjunction with them to get things back up and running if you do have this in place.

Who Needs Concierge Cyber:

  • Companies that don’t have a cyber security incident response plan
  • Companies who don’t have cyber insurance or self-insure this risk
  • High net-worth individuals worried about hacking of their personal finances
  • Companies and individuals who are insured, but believe $250 is worth 24/7 service, a 2-hour consultation, and manuals.

It’s easy to get started with this low-cost subscription which guarantees members emergency response to a cyberattack or data breach through a team of highly respected service providers. Peace of mind comes with the right protection. Call an Avery Agent to discuss your options for both private and corporate memberships.



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