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Young Professionals: A Generation At Risk?

As an independent agency, we work with several of the best insurance companies. In our role as agents and advocates, we are in the business of taking care of our clients, which is why we are sharing this noteworthy article from Chubb Insurance on how the new work force is not a one size fits all generation.

There are a large number of emerging wealthy young professionals that are not adequately protecting their exposures. According to Chubb, this is due in part because of nonchalant attitudes toward risk and the amount of technology and social media use. The more online activity there is, the higher the risk of identity theft, phishing scams and the growing potential threat of defamation lawsuits.

Other threats to wealth include the lack of travel insurance, renter’s insurance, and even the lack of having a rent at all. Moving back home poses a risk to the entire family since the parents could be held responsible for potential accidents or lawsuits.

In the era of “do-it-yourself”, some young professionals are not getting the independent advice and guidance on how to best protect themselves, which opens up potentially large gaps in coverage.

To read the entire article from our trusted advisors at Chubb, click here. To learn more about how to cover gaps in insurance coverage, please contact us!

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