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Teens and Umbrella Policies, What You Need to Know

Having a teenager can sometimes lead to unexpected situations where having an umbrella insurance policy could be beneficial.

Here are some considerations:

Home Accidents: Someone gets injured while visiting your property, like a serious fall down your stairs or a dog bite. Medical costs and potential lawsuits could exceed your homeowner’s insurance liability limits.

For example, your teen hosts a summer pool party at your house. A guest gets injured while swimming in the pool, the parents sue for negligence and win.

Cyberbullying or Defamation: If your teenager engages in cyberbullying or inadvertently defames someone online, resulting in legal action, an umbrella policy could provide coverage if the settlement exceeds your homeowner’s insurance liability limits.

For example, your daughter loathes her math teacher. She goes on social media and writes some very reproachful comments about the teacher. The teacher sues and wins.

Accidental Damage or Injury:  Social media challenges or pranks can lead to unintentional damage or injury. If such incidents occur and the liability surpasses your underlying coverage limits, an umbrella policy could be critical.

For example, your teenager participates in a viral social media challenge that inadvertently damages someone’s property. If the costs exceed your homeowner’s liability coverage, an umbrella policy could step in to cover the excess.

Teen Business Ventures: Your teenager starts a small business, such as a lawn care service or a car detailing operation, and an incident occurs where damage or injury exceeds your underlying coverage.

For example, your industrious teenager starts his own dog-walking business. If one of the dogs in his care attacks another dog, your teen could be held liable.

Sports Activities: You’re involved in a sports-related incident where someone is seriously injured, and the medical expenses go beyond what your underlying coverage provides.

For example. You volunteer as a coach for your teen’s high school team. During one of the practices, a player falls while attempting a drill, sustaining a severe injury that requires medical attention and subsequent physical therapy. The player’s family decides to pursue legal action against you.

Discussing risks associated with your teenager’s activities with an insurance agent can help determine if an umbrella policy is necessary to provide additional liability coverage for potential exposures.

Call us, we’d be happy to talk through coverage options and discuss if an umbrella policy is right for you.



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