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Pet Insurance for Peace of Mind

December 18, 2020

Considering adding a puppy or kitten to the family this holiday season? Before you settle on a name for your new family member, do a little research on pet insurance now while your pet is young and the premium is low.

As pet owners, we inspect pet food labels to pick healthy choices, search the pet supply store for just the right bed, and take pleasure in giving them tons of toys.

However, according to a survey by the American Pet Products Association, only a small percentage of dog and cat owners carry pet insurance policies. Knowing that 1 in 3 pets will need emergency veterinary treatment within a given year, you should prepare for the expense.

Pet accidents and illnesses can be costly, from a few hundred dollars for an urgent-care visit to thousands of dollars for surgery. For example, let’s say your puppy swallows a small toy, it could cost upwards of $2,000 to have it removed. Or maybe your kitty has an episode of pneumonia, you are potentially looking at a $1,000 vet-care bill.

What if the diagnosis is cancer? Advancements in pet care have given veterinarians an even greater ability to treat and save sick animals now more than ever before. Having pet insurance means you can provide the highest quality medical care without having to sacrifice your savings or making a difficult decision not to treat your furry, family member.

Pet policy costs can vary by pet type and age, but there are customizable monthly plans that are very affordable. You need to factor in deductibles and copays as part of your overall cost. And you should carefully review items not covered like any pre-existing conditions.                                               

Sure, you could forgo pet insurance and put the equivalent into a savings account to cover anticipated vet bills, but let’s be honest; saving takes diligence, commitment, and time to build a pool of money. Your pet’s health may not be on the same schedule as your savings plan.

Avery Insurance has partnered with Figo Pet Insurance by Plymouth Rock to provide plans created to fit anyone’s budget and needs. Figo offers a variety of comprehensive cat and dog healthcare coverage options. You can take comfort in knowing up to 100% of your veterinary bills may be reimbursed, even when expensive emergency care is needed. This allows pet parents to make care-based decisions instead of cost-based decisions.

Pet insurance is an easy way to protect your pet’s health and help mitigate the stress of expensive bills and allows those who haven’t had the time to ramp up their savings to get their pet on the road to recovery. And it provides you with peace of mind in the event a pet has a life-threatening disease.  Call an Avery trusted advisor today to get a quote on pet policy options.

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