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Avoid heartbreak this Valentine’s Day and insure your jewelry

Did your valentine give you a new piece of jewelry this year? Perhaps you were the gift giver? Ensuring that your valuable jewelry pieces are adequately covered from theft, damage, or misplacement could save heartbreak and money down the road. Here are steps to protecting your jewelry from our partner Chubb.

Get current appraisals
Having professional, up to date appraisals of your fine jewelry will verify you are insuring it for the proper value. If you have items worth $100,000+ or have items that contain diamonds of 3 carats or more, you will want to get an appraisal every 2-3 years. Have your entire collection appraised every 3-5 years.

Protection begins at home
Burglars head straight for jewelry boxes in the master bedroom and bathroom. Keep your jewelry in a vault or safe in an inconspicuous place in the home. Want to make it harder for a burglar to steal from you? Store your valuables within multiple safes throughout the home and connect them to your home alarm system.

Traveling with fine jewelry
According to Chubb, 50% of jewelry claims are made because a piece was lost or misplaced. Before traveling, check for any loose stones, make a list of the items you’re bringing, pack them in non-descript packaging, store in the hotel safe as opposed to the in-room safe, and avoid wearing them while doing outdoor activities.

Visit Chubb’s website to learn more about jewelry care and protection or contact us to speak with one of our agents about insuring your fine jewelry.

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