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Importance of Employee Engagement in the Workplace

Contrary to popular belief, employee engagement does not mean that and employee is happy or satisfied in their job.  What it does mean is this: employees possess an emotional commitment to their organization and its goals. They care about the company; their relationships with fellow co-workers, their manager, and leadership; and how their contributions impact the big picture ~ the company’s success. Here are some 2015 statistics to consider:

  • 82% of employees said it’s very important that their organization address the employee engagement problem via Psychometrics Engagement Study
  • 79% of highly engaged employees have trust and confidence in their leaders via Towers Watson, “Engagement at Risk: Driving Strong Performance in a Volatile Global Environment” Global Workforce Study
  • Employees who report feeling valued by their employer are 60% more likely to report they are motivated to do their very best for their employer via Psychologically Healthy Workplace Program, “American Psychology Association Harrison Interactive,” Workplace Survey



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