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Cyber Security Best Practices

As workplace technology continues to evolve and telecommuting becomes a common practice, it’s crucial for employees like you to play your part in keeping our organization cyber-secure.

After all, a cyber incident could lead to serious ramifications for our business—allowing hackers or cybercriminals to access employees’ personal information and other classified company data.

By prioritizing proper cybersecurity measures, you can help protect your workplace from cyber incidents and ensure your own information stays safe as well.

Utilize these tips:

•           Pay attention—First and foremost, be sure to actively participate in all workplace cybersecurity training sessions and familiarize yourself with our applicable policies and procedures. This includes (but is not limited to) setting smart passwords, detecting common signs of phishing attacks and knowing how to safely store workplace devices.

•           Keep your home cyber-secure—While working remotely, it’s important to implement cybersecurity measures comparable to that of the workplace. This includes connecting to a secure Wi-Fi network, conducting regular software updates, enabling firewalls and installing antivirus protection.

•           Browse with caution—When browsing online, be mindful of cyber threats and scams. Never click on suspicious pop-ups, ads or links, and only use verified, well-known websites. If the website address is labeled as “not secure” or uses an unrecognizable domain, close your browser immediately.

•           Stay organized—A cluttered workspace and poorly organized digital files can make it difficult to keep track of important information and increase your vulnerability to cyber incidents. Try to clear your workstation of excess papers or garbage, and store important documents in secure locations. Further, save any critical digital files in their appropriate folders or online databases—don’t leave your desktop in disarray.

•           Know how to respond—Despite your best efforts, a cyber incident may still take place. That’s why it’s vital to be prepared and know how to respond in the event of an incident. Make sure you review our organization’s cyber incident response plan regularly and ask questions if you don’t understand something.

If you have any further questions regarding workplace cybersecurity, talk to your supervisor and reach out to your company’s IT department, if needed.

At Avery Insurance we Analyze, Advise and Advocate for our valued clients. Please contact us to learn how to best protect your business.



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