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Crisis Management Guide

With months of pandemic experience, the idea of crisis management requires no explanation. The unexpected happened, an event that no one could possibly prepare for. The first several months were spent merely defending the disturbance.

While we continue to manage the aftermath, we have to consider that we may not return to our familiar pre-crisis reality.  And quite simply, we must do more than adapt to the new environment, we need to reflect, refocus, and revise. 

If you have a crisis management plan in place, use your reflections to revise and update the plan to consider new strategies for growth and seize opportunities presented by the pandemic.

If you don’t have a plan, get to work to protect your business from extensive disruptions or even permanent closures.  Use this guide to examine considerations for each of the phases of crisis management and help you craft a plan of your own.

A Guide to Creating A Crisis Management Plan

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