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What type of insurance do I need for my condo?  Insurance needs of condo owners differ from those of regular homeowners.


Important things to consider

  • What does the Master Policy Include? In order to provide you with the right coverage we will need a copy of your master condo policy. Typically, as a condo owner, you own your unit and share ownership of the rest of the complex. Therefore, collectively all of the owners of the complex share the responsibility for insuring the “common” areas. The association typically collects dues that go towards the purchase of a master insurance policy.
  • This Master Policy should spell out clearly which parts of the complex are insured through the association and which parts are not.
  • How much is the associations deductibles? This is important because if there was a major loss you would be responsible for a portion of the deductible.
  • How much insurance do you need? After it has been determined what the master policy covers, we will help you determine the amount of coverage you will need.

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