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Closing Your Summer Home

October 12, 2021

Once Labor Day hits, opportunities to enjoy your summer home are few and far between. Kids are back in school, vacation is over, work returns to normal office hours, yes, even in post-pandemic days.

As the days grow shorter, it’s time to move through your summer closing list to keep your property protected during the off-season months.

Before you abandon the property for the winter, schedule tune ups for your heating system, generator, and security systems.

Next, fill a bucket with cleaning supplies like rubber gloves, all-purpose cleaner, Windex, sponges, toothbrush, scrub brush, and terry-cloth towels, and go room by room cleaning and removing debris.

Along the way, empty the closets and cabinets and leave them open for ventilation. Remove all bedding and store within cedar chests or protected packaging. Cover all the mattresses to prevent animals from taking up winter residence. 

In the kitchen, empty the refrigerator, freezer, and cupboards of food and give everything a good wipe down. Outdoors, bring in patio furniture and cushions, grills, hoses, and other accessories.

Moving next to the operating facilities of your home.

  1. Electricity and Gas:  Consider shutting off electricity at the main, leaving only circuits that control necessities such as the alarm system. Then, unplug all appliances to prevent possible damage caused by lightning. While gas should also be turned off at the main, the safer option would be to have the service temporarily suspended. 
  2. Water:  Drain all water pipes and turn off the main water supply. Starting on the top floor, work your way to the bottom, leaving all faucets slightly opened. Don’t forget to drain outdoor hoses as well.
  3. Cable:  Put your home phone and internet or TV service on seasonal hold. Suspending service via a seasonal hold lets you avoid most fees and makes it easier to reinstate your service when you return. Canceling Wi-Fi, on the other hand, is not that easy. Check with your provider on conditions for reinstatement.

After you take the last load of garbage to the dump, clean and store garbage cans. Take one last tour around the house locking all windows and doors, sheds, and garage access. Draw blinds in rooms where windows get direct sun to protect furniture, carpeting, and artwork.

Finally, before setting the alarm, alert your security provider that you will be away for an extended period and provide updated contact information.

Your home is your most valuable asset. Don’t be remiss in protecting it.

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