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Attracting Talent

July 18, 2021

Recruiting has entered a strange paradigm. Despite record unemployment levels, some employers are still finding it difficult to recruit talent. That’s due in part to the fact that, after a year of remote work and health uncertainty, some employees want their jobs to provide more than just a paycheck.

“Employers have heightened their efforts to attract and retain talent in this post-COVID-19 landscape” said Tammy Spear, Director of Human Resources and Special Programs/Commercial Lines Manager for Avery.  “Managing expectations influenced by the COVID-19 pandemic (i.e., those seeking wellness-related benefits or retaining remote work arrangements) will be key”.

Employers should consider creative ways to leverage existing benefits and accommodate workers to increase the flow of new talent and stand out in the marketplace.

Here are three strategies for employers to think about:

1.     Tout Remote Working Capabilities

Many employees are unwilling to give up remote work after a year of getting used to it. If an organization allows remote work, it should emphasize that point during recruiting conversations. Work place flexibility could be more appealing than other perks to some individuals.

2.     Streamline the Hiring Process

The longer it takes for candidates to hear back from a company, the greater the opportunity a more attractive offer comes and steals them away. Employers can streamline hiring by using technology efficiencies such as virtual interviewing and text-message vetting. Employers can also consider other methods for getting individuals into positions faster, such as internal promotions and cross-training.

3.     Provide Flexibility

More than ever before, employees are looking for greater workplace flexibility. Beyond fully remote work, this means the ability to adjust working hours or take time off at the last minute. For instance, an employee may seek a schedule that allows them to work in the office some days and from home on others. Employers with bandwidth can consider allowing managers to work with employees on such arrangements to help attract individuals seeking flexibility, such as working parents.

While non-exhaustive, these strategies can help employers stand out from others during their hiring conversations. Speak with us for more attraction and retention strategies, including leveraging employee benefits.


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