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Not-So-Obvious Costs

If your business should be forced into a total or partial shutdown because of damage from fire, a severe storm or some other peril, the direct financial consequences may be obvious enough. Rebuilding, renovating, or replacing damaged property will undoubtedly cost a significant amount of money.

But what about the not-so-obvious costs? You could suddenly lose your potential for profit, at least until things get running again at full speed. Payrolls have to be met. And there are fixed expenses that will continue to mount. Many businesses fail from this, and not necessarily the direct physical loss.

There may be no compensation for the mental anguish involved when your business shuts down, no matter how temporarily. But the financial loss can be covered with business interruption insurance. This kind of insurance is designed to fill the financial gaps. It will reimburse you for lost income, and the continuing expenses, such as payroll, mortgage or rent payments and those utility expenses that will continue unabated.

Your business insurance protection is not complete unless you have provided for all the consequences flowing from a business interruption. Discuss your business needs with an agent from Avery Insurance. Call (603) 569-2515, or (800) 759-7579.